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KeyBank, the primary subsidiary of KeyCorp, is a regional bank headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and is the only major bank based in Cleveland. KeyBank is 28th on the list of largest banks in the United States.

Key's customer base spans retail, small business, corporate, and investment clients. KeyBank maintains 1,197 branches and 1,572 ATMs, which are in Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Washington. KeyCorp maintains business offices in 39 states. Key ranked 412th on the 2020 Fortune 500 list based on its 2019 revenue.

A customer they lost talks about customer service in a review "Very confusing and disrespectful engagement to resolve an issue that I addressed. I received a letter that Keybank could not get a May month mortgage. So I called to figure it out what was going on. I talked with four people to solve such a simple reason. Three of them were so disrespectful and unkind. I had to deal with angry customer service people who were supposed to help customers. Their tones were very high, unfriendly, and unhappy. I understand that working at the mortgage customer service department may not be an easy job. But I felt that they were looking for someone who they could express their anger to. If they are supposed to serve people at the mortgage customer service department, then they should be trained to have interpersonal and intrapersonal skills."


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Current Employee - Senior Sales Manager - Middle Market says

"They are operating with a mindset of by gone era. Exec. & Sr. Leaders are so far removed from the market place and current employment trends. Time in role is the ONLY factor recognized and rewarded. If you are new, you won’t be heard, you won’t be rewarded. In fact you will be silenced, ignored and excluded from all meetings. Marketing, HR, Finance are outdated and orthodox in their approach. No sense of urgency, and still working off of antiquated spreadsheets. HR is extremely biased, and have no voice at any level."

Former Employee - Bank Teller says

"benefits were not good and very few"

Current Employee - Personal Banker says

"Keybank will always hire outside talent then make there current employees they past up for the jobs train them."

Current Employee - Analyst/Investigator says

"- No training - during hiring process was told that tuition reimbursement starts day 1 only to later be told that I have to wait a year to qualify and it’s at my manager’s discretion (it’s fine but I spent money applying to schools for nothing) - they expect you to perform at the same level as seasoned employees. - there’s a reason they’re always hiring investigators... run for the hills."

Former Employee - Commercial Analyst says

"Unorganized, chaotic, discriminatory, bureaucratic, favortism. Other than that, meh, blah...expensive health plan.."

Former Employee - Licensed Relationship Manager says

"Commission on investment products is subpar. Commission and bonus targets constantly move so they can avoid paying them to employees. Company is discriminatory if you’re a minority or have a disability. They walk the line so they can discriminate against you ‘legally.’ You meet your goals and when you have a complaint they make it seem like you’re a bad employee. I had to go to the EEOC on them. I believe the manager I had was pulling some Wells Fargo stuff in making phony accounts and loan applications. HR does nothing when you complain."

Former Employee - Senior Vice President says

"Culture within some departments is toxic; large difference in respect between Consumer and Commercial; little internal development opportunities; little desire to hear outside ideas or slow to try new things; beware of the meeting after the meeting"

Former Employee - Retail Banker says

"Culture is NOT that of financial wellness. Top performing branch in the company consistently broke the law by opening accounts without client knowledge in addition to multiple other violations. This was brought to the attention of the ARL and RRL and instead of addressing the issue, they penalized those who reported it. Because the top performing branch would bring them higher incentive payout. ARL often ‘joked’ that their new high-end car was paid for by that same branch. There were branch managers that also had business taken from their book and diverted to other branches in retaliation. The common direction from ARL was also to ALWAYS open the top tier account for anyone because it paid out more than what might have been the most appropriate for the client. The list goes on and on..."

Former Employee - Surveillance Analyst says

"The office politics are awful, so awful I didn't stick around for more than 9 months. There is a severe lack of leadership and accountability. Favorites are severely played and rewarded. Micromanaged and a lot of gossiping between managers. My career was threatened by a rumor that I didn't even start and a manager didn't appropriately talk to me about it and chose instead to state that she will make sure my career goes nowhere. Toxic work environment. Not much of a pay bump if you are promoted to a new position."


"Expectations to make a sale to every client. They mask this unethical behavior behind the framing of “every client needs help with something”. I’m sorry, but realistically they don’t. Ask clients to divulge large amounts of information that is then used to see what other products from the bank they may be eligible for. More concerned with filling these reports of data (called Financial Wellness Guides) than actually delivering products to the client that they are seeking. If you’re reports aren’t frequent enough (regardless of how busy your location is/isn’t or what economic/global issues are current) you get calls from Regional Directors that hound you for why your clients said no to providing information or no for appointments."

Dan says

"Their online banking is the worst. They use two factor authentication, prompting you to enter a \"one time passcode\" EVERY freaking time you login. After entering the \"one time passcode,\" you are prompted to enter another one. Then another one. The third one \"unlocks your account,\" which allows you to finally login with your password and access your account. Keep in mind that I am an IT professional having these issues, not some elderly person who is not tech savvy. Funds availability policy is also terrible. But that\'s a post for another time. "

Contact Center Specialist Level 2 (Former Employee) says

"I dont reccommend working at Keybank especially in the Call Centers. I was treated poorly by management and supervisors and had no support. The pay was okay could have been better as stressful as the job is. I applied for one position and was put in another department without being consulted. Using the Paid Time Off is difficult as well. I was in College working on my Masters and had nearly 50 hours of PTO available. The automated website did not let me use my own PTO to take two three hour Final Exams, even though no one was on vacation this particular week, this happed to take place in August. My supervisor said to me "Why are you requesting six hours of PTO next week didn't you go on vacation this past March". There are many other things I would like to say but I will not. If you are BIPOC avoid this employer. BIPOC's are not welcome and treated terribly just like I was. Cons: Terrible Call Center Management, Not Easy to go on Vacation or Use PTO, Again IF YOU ARE BIPOC AVOID THIS EMPLOYER-Be Super Careful"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Lack of training when you asked for help, the manager would makes comments. I felt very insecure at time I would call another branch for help. Very unprofessional management they all stick together n spreads lies about employees."

Lead Teller (Former Employee) says

"Very bad experience with understaffing, benefits were horrible, no chance for advancement unless you follow their career path for you. Overall disappointed in management"

Licensed Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balance"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"High turnover Job and pay are terrible hours are Alfull systems old really Typical you have to say more than you want to Stupid survey why this amount of letters Cons: Everything"

line supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company you could work for. They do not care about customers or employees. They do not follow the laws in any way. The only guarantee is you will be treated in the worse possible way. Cons: working there"

Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS (Former Employee) says

"All branches lack fast internet to conduct work, all Ethernet at DSL speed only. Lack of in person management lack of innovation or direction from top brass."

Branch Manager (Current Employee) says

"They are horrible don’t recommend this company to anyone not accommodating at all no work life balance don’t work for them"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible experience. Was hired as branch manager with no banking experience. Little to no training, left to call the answer bank for questions. No support from tellers or AVP. Cons: Too many to list"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Mangers don't support their Branch managers at all. They throw them under the bus. Horrible place to work. They are very micro managed. And are quick to place you on a performance management."

Lien Release Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Very prejudice. Manager only help and promote friends and family. Managers discriminate against people they do not like. Lots and lots of bullying by manager and other employees. Senior VP's and managers do not discipline employees that cause trouble. Most managers lie so much and the truth is not in them."

Relationship Banker (Former Employee) says

"No clear specific answers to anything ."

Full Time Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"Micromanage everything, understaff, felt alone be sides the long line with customers, while co-workers and management are on their cell or talking about what they should get for breakfast and lunch."

Lead teller (Former Employee) says

"Bank prioritizes its own goals and could care 100 percent less for any of the employees needs. If you make one tiny little mistake they fire you. Better be 100 percent perfect under heavy stress and understaffed environment and not make a single mistake or you are gone. High turnover rate. They expect 1000 percent output do not work here or you will regret it. They strongarm you with scare tactics basically the worst parts of the bible for you if you work here. Steer very clear Cons: Everything"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"I have worked for many banks in my career and Key Bank was one of the worst. There is no opportunity for job advancement and management does nothing to as an employee. Cons: Too many to name"

Peronal Banker (Former Employee) says

"The branch manager decides what you’re going to do for the day. When clients come in to open accounts or apply for a loan the branch manager is the one who takes action on all accounts. The branch manager is also backstabbing the operations leader is hostile and degrades you every chance she gets!! They make you feel like you’re in a prison!! I should’ve asked for orange suit!!!"

Investment Broker (Former Employee) says

"Regional leader was not professional, Key bank's doesn't believe in spending money in upgrades, still using DOS to open accounts, everything is out of date."

Senior Teller/float teller (Current Employee) says

"I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Do not care about their employees, especially the ones who have been their for way over 10 years. They do not pay well either! Upper management is not good"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Company was great for the first 2 years, but then management changed. Forged signatures on account cards, loan documents were something I saw often. Inconsistent compliance expectations for annual audit. My last manager would tell me to open credit cards for our client during the account opening process and just tell them they were approved at the end. If they weren't approved, he would tell me to just not say anything. When refused, I was non-compliant. I alerted the District Manager and he did nothing. Compliance Officers are treated terribly. Managers treat them like they are a bother and often ignore their requests."

Personal banker (Current Employee) says

"I was excited to start working at Keybank, and everything was perfect in the beginning. Towards the end my manager was horrible to me, she would talk badly about me to other employees and also to customers. She would make me lie to the district manager so we would look like we were doing great on our sales. The company doesn’t really care about customers just about the numbers and beating other banks.. I have never walked out of a job without another job lined up but my manager was horrible."

yoeli kahan says

"over an hour on the phone and no answer"

Shawn O'Fallon says

"It seems to me that when applying for a loan the bank and its customer are entering in a kind of unspoken contract. The bank has agreed to loan the requested money to the customer under the qualifying circumstances and the customer agrees to take the loan if they qualify. This unspoken contract is to ensure that each party is not wasting each others time and not putting the other in a bad situation. Key Bank violated that understanding. We qualified but for some reason they did not want to do the loan. We provided all the documentation to prove we qualified but the bank kept dragging things out and then further. We applied for a boat loan. We gathered all the documents together to prove we qualified, not a small amount of work at that. After almost three weeks Key Bank asked for something that was kind of outrageous. They wanted to know how much Alaska Mining and Diving paid for the boat we were purchasing. The only thing the bank should be concerned with is how much the boat could be sold for if we defaulted. It seems clear now what Key Bank was trying to do was create circumstances in which the loan could be denied because not many dealers would be willing to provide such documentation and for understandable reasons. Unfortunately for Key Bank Alaska Mining and Diving did provide the documentation. Almost immediately after AMDS provided the documentation we got a disturbing call from our loan officer, luckily. Angelina is the kind of person you want as a loan officer. She told us that after almost three weeks of work and working exclusively with Key Bank, keeping with our side of the contract, the Bank was going to take at least two more weeks to decide if we got the loan. Based on her tone of voice, apologetic and embarrassed, and answers to my question it was apparent that the Bank did not want to do the loan for some reason but could not deny us based on our qualifications. In essence they were telling us to to away but could not muster up the courage, integrity, or legitimate reasons for doing so. Instead they were putting us in a situation in which we could be denied the loan just a couple of weeks before we were to take delivery. We were forced to go elsewhere and are now scrambling just a month before we are to take delivery to get financing elsewhere. Almost nine months before we had been insured by Jake that we were qualified and would get a loan, unless, of course, we were lying about our income and so forth. Luckily we applied much earlier than Jake recommended. Jake was not our loan officer but a manager as I understand it. We were lied to. Key Bank is not an institution of integrity. Legitimate businesses simply do not treat customers like this. Managers do not lie to customers and under circumstances like this would at least go to bat to make things right. Have not heard a word from Jake. Have only had profuse apologies from Angelina. Skip this bank and save yourself the headache."

Rob says

"I am very disappointed with the service of Key Bank. I was scammed by an online fraudster and the bank is refusing to give me the details about the acquiring company that processed the transfers to the scammer. I was expecting the bank to protect my money, not the scammer's identity"

Imran Yanos says

"Can't make purchase without 'fraud' triggering and turn off card. Banking phone support isn't really 24/7. F'ing people keep turning me card off for routine purchases. MASTERCARD VERIFICATION through Key fails to send out passcode to my email."

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